I am currently a third year Music Technology Specialist student at London College of Music, where I was successful in being awarded the Vice Chancellors Scholarship for outstanding achievement. Prior to this I completed the extended diploma in Music Technology at Barnsley College, leaving with the highest grade ever achieved and the Pete Waterman trophy for best music technology student.

Throughout the years I have spent recording and mixing I have grown proficient in using a variety of industry standard audio equipment across digital and analogue setups, both studio and live. I have years of experience operating the Audient ASP8024 analogue console as well as the Avid C24 in a studio environment. I have also used the PreSonus Studiolive 24.4.2 digital mixing desk and Soundcraft GB2 analogue console in venues of varying sizes, indoors and out.

While working in audio I have used a large array of microphones and developed a good understanding of their characteristics in specific applications. Microphones I am familiar with include the Royer 121, Earthworks QTC40, DPA 4011, Neumann U87 and KM184. My experience in the studio also spreads to outboard gear such as the Empirical Labs Distressor, as well as 1176 and LA-2A modelled compressors.

Outside of the studio I enjoy conducting field recordings to capture ambience to apply to picture. I also find recording foley out in the field very rewarding and effective, and would like to continue working on these post-production recording and editing methods.



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