Rage Drums #10 – Analogue Mix

I took advantage of some free studio time and decided to go back at the Bombtrack mix, this time only using analogue processing.
Gear included Distressors, WA-76, IGS One-LA, DBX 160, Harrison EQ and Neve tape emulators.

This mix was worked to be much more aggressive. It may be possible that some of the compressors were being a little overworked, but in the room over the Unity Audio Rock MkII the mix sounded great. So much so, that when one of the studio technicians poked their head in, they though I was working from original RATM stems.

Bringing the mix home however, made apparent some glaring translation issues I had overlooked. The guitars were sat much further back than I had placed them, and the kick and snare were obnoxiously loud.


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