Rage Drums #5 – 1176 Rev-E Parallel Snare Comparison

The second comparison I conducted aimed to test the differences between 1176 Rev-E emulations. I applied three variations of the Rev-E onto a parallel of a snare. They were all set up to compress at 12/1 to add a lot of colour and noticeable breathing on the slow release. The plugins used were the Waves CLA-76, UAD 1176LN Legacy and UAD 1176LN Rev-E.

The playlist can be found here:

I had predicted that the final mix of Bombtrack would be rather dense, with bass and double tracked guitars being played aggressively. This test aims to find a way for the snare to cut through while maintaining natural dynamics and decay. The parallel compression was intended to sharpen the transient.

Once again the controls on the UAD plugins felt to have a direct effect on the audio, especially dialling in the attack time for the snare transient, whereas the Waves version took longer to find the sweet spot. In this comparison the compression envelope was admirable on all emulations. The differences were noticeable in the dynamic distortion, imparted by gain reduction, however.  The UAD 1176 Rev-E just felt fuller and more harmonically rich.


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