Rage Drums #3 -Snare Comparison & Hardware Mixing

To simulate a similar snare tone to the original, I tested three snares that I though would produce a similar sound to the record. The snare sounded wooden to me, as it didn’t have the high metallic decay brass shells often have.

By keeping the depth the same I could focus on the comparison of build materials. 

The snares I tested were:
– Retrosonic (Walnut, 5.5”)
– Black Widow (Maple, 5.5”)
– Brasscat (Brass, 5.5”)

For this track I found the Brasscat too bright, and the snares seemed very prominent in the sound. A faint ring of the shell can be heard too.

Although while recording we applied different levels of dampening to suit individual snares, the Black Widow came out a lot more lively then the other two. The pitch appeared to be lower too and not as much snap was captured from the top end.   

The third snare I tested was the Retrosonic. I found this snare suited the track more than the others and appeared to put out a more aggressive transient. It had a lot of high end ‘snap’ but punched through in the 200-500Hz range.


Hardware Drum Processing

While helping out in Alfie’s session, I had chance to work with the Sledgehammer (Brass, 6.5″).

The snare was dampened well and didn’t ring out too much. It had a solid punch to the bottom end as well as a fast transient ‘snap’.

I mixed the drums through the hardware while in the studio, running snare through the WA76. Fairly fast attack, moderate release (decays until next snare hit) and a ratio of 8/1 producing around -3dB of gain reduction. +3dB of 10kHz high shelf.

Kick – Distressor (6/1, fast attack, fast release, -6dB GR)

Overheads – One LA (limited, -3dB GR)

Room – WA76 (All buttons in, fast attack, slow release)


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